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Went out hunting yesterday and among all the lead , rusty metal and nails I found 2 small rocks.

Looked under mag. glass one came out as a dirty chunk of lead.....the other was still a mystery.

I had to go by the local detector shop today and pick up a coil cover. I showed the rock to the guy at the store and he said it was a meteorite.

I am going back and hunt more in that area...no a hunted area and never heard of a meteorite being found there.

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Tried to post photos...camera is on the blitz.......Looking under a 60 power glass I ain't sure. without the glass it does look like some of my other meteorites.

Wait, used my tablet....

These are only about 1/2 inch or less



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Looks like ironstone from the picts, but them rocks are tiny.  I'll be in Kingman this weekend, I could look at them in person if you want.

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