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Todays Dinks, scroll (?) nug, and a.....


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Found a lil dinker   this morning and proceeded to spend the whole day getting scratched up with cats claw cause I thought I would just get in there where no one else would go... well that didnt work out very well for me so...  decided to call it.  

On my way out, I had to stop and try one more spot before dark... glad I did... picked up the other dink, and then the flat one... then this flattened out piece that is all folded up ... really cool.. I was tempted to open it up and flatten it out but decided not too. it must be over an inch long just rolled up like a scroll..(1.9g)  and then....  the fishook finish...   WTF?....   soooo far away from the nearest fish.. (not even close to a wash!) :89: amazing what you find out there...     













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Nice gold! WTG on the finds. :) Nice color.

From the varied items ive found out in the hills, I think people in airplanes throw stuff out the window to make us wonder :2mo5pow:

Oh and dont forget the bud light can in the middle of no where also.



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Nice finds today !!

The fish hook is a mindboggler....   :nutty:

In the past, before I started finding gold...

I had considered bringing some fishing weights with me just for the laughs and to see how long it would take one to show up on any of the gold forums.

I never did it, but it still makes me chuckle a bit to think about the excitement we've all shared only to find it's a piece of trash.... 

....or maybe a fishing weight, 300 miles from any water.   :ROFL:

WTG on the gold !!


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Hey Sniper, I found a fish hook in a fairly large dry wash one time also.  I think that it bounced out of a jeep or off road vehicle that someone also used for fishing.  Then again it might have been a fly or streamer that came off someone's fishing hat they were using at the time. 

Nice yeller there.  I wouldn't unfold it, it might make a nice pendent as is. 

   Old Tom




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Nice nuggets for sure. I see folks out detecting with hooks in their hats as fishermen also and it a thang they do sometimes. NEVER understood as dangerous sharp objects attached to a hat is just not smart thing to do-John

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Very nice nuggets...I found a fish hook years ago at LSD on a hill side.  Clueless how it got there.   Cheers, Unc


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About 3 years ago I found a 2 ounce pyramid shaped sinker on one of the Quartzite Metal Detector Club's claims. It was about half way up the side of a mountain with no reason for being there.



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