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Whites Prizm II Reserection

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A guy I know bought a Prizm II Whites last week at a Yard .... $15.00..

Got it home and found it Detected ok but had no sounds.

Gave it to me for Parts. Looks all but New. Bottom of coil has like one mark on it like it was rubbing on something in a car.

Looked in the battery compartment and one contact spring to the audio circuit was rusted and gone from battery rot.

Popped it open and the Battery Spooge didn't make it to the circuit board.

Cleaned it all , did a Rusted Contact Spring Ectomy !

Time was Vital ! Needed a Contact Spring Donor !

Off to the Some Day Pile. Locate a Contact Spring in old Transistor Radio.

Radio was dead years ago and gave up the Spring without a fight.

Five Minutes later the Contact Spring Transplant was a Success ! IT LIVES !

Need to take it on a Test Drive. Never used one before.

At LAST ! Another Detector in the Herd.

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Ever notice every time you get in a snit fit and chuck stuff out ,  Sure as Chit you need the very same thing Next Week ?

I have Boxes of old Electronics crap stashed around the house.  Every time I think it's chucking time I put it off till next week.





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Took it for a Spin at the ToT lot.   In Discrim Mode it sorta Sucks.  The Coil goes more then a whole coil width past the target before it Beeps.  In All Metal it's fine and better at depth then I was thinking it would be.   Going to make a Fine Loaner Machine. 

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