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As I’m sitting here at my home in Montana thinking that another long winter is fast approaching, I have to reminisce on the nuggets found this year.  A few specific days came to mind and a true reason for my success was obvious.  It’s simple…I didn’t pass up the truly difficult areas.  I was willing to work the areas that the old-timers passed over because the digging was either too difficult or their technology was not adequate.  In addition, I was willing to work in a specific area that even my current prospector friends passed over.  I can only surmise that they believed it was too difficult to work. 

A very small area that had a pile of those terrible “hot rocks”…you know the rocks that drive us all crazy, right?  As I looked at it, my imagination turned the lightbulb on.  I’m telling myself, “there has to be a reason why all those extremely heavy rocks and minerals are all piled up together and maybe gold is just underneath.  Recently my prospecting buddies had pretty much torn up the immediate area except for this nasty patch of rocks.  In fact, we all found the yella stuff while drywashing and detecting.  However, my imagination wouldn’t let me overlook the possibility of CRAZY GOLD so I decided to take a day and move all those terrible rocks.  To my amazement directly underneath 18 inches of large hot rocks a section of decaying caliche appeared.

The first day of detecting with my SDC over the newly discovered caliche provided 38 small nuggets.  I was in amazement.  The small nuggets just kept coming!  All in a small area about the size of my Jeep.  Some laying on top and some were 6 inches inside caliche.  All the nuggets were sub gram but even the little guys add up.  I still think of the day as an amazing day.  Sometimes a little bit of imagination and a whole lot of hard work helps the beeper find a lot of overlooked gold.     

38 nuggets.png

4.3 grams.png

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You're right about basalt...One of the most amazing patches I ever found was all basalt and I pulled a total of about 5 OZT in a couple days...The most interesting spot had two awesome, solid gold nuggets a couple feet apart and down about 10"-12" was a 1/4 OZT and 1/2 OZT...I picked them out of solid basalt ...The ground was really hot but I could hear the nuggets through the ground noise... Here's pix, Cheers, Unc







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Whether its tenacity, stubbornness, or an overactive imagination...If we can visualize what may have occurred in geologic history it might just give us a head start on our prospecting buddies.

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