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Gold Basin Weekend


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It was time for Lu and me to get out to Gold Basin for a weekend.  It has been several months since I have been there so I wanted to see what the summer had done to the place.  I would say that it got lots of rain.  The roads have been washed and rutted and the surfaces are much greener.

We didn't get anything on Saturday but I got the 4 nuggets (1.7g) on Sunday.  We went back on Monday and concentrated on meteorites and found the 4 you see there (15.6g) and a couple that Lu found.

The temperatures were good.  For all you dry washers we hit lots of dry ground and I kinda wish I was set up for it after some of the stories I heard about the rich areas in the past.  Maybe another time ...




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WTG MItchel :yesss:

Nice you can go there and find gold. Thats an awfully skunky place for me :)
Nice gold!
Tom H.


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I was going to come see you because I had gone through Oatman on my way to the fields on Saturday but I've never been to your place over there.

The 7000 and the 2300 are our tools of choice right now.

I've only found gold in 3 places in the basin.  These were at a repeat.


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