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Lithium Battery Charger question

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Just picked these up after getting tired of the Ni-Cads swelling and getting stuck in the GB 2. AC charger output is 12 VDC so perfect for auto charging as well. Very compact design on the charger, only about 1" tall. Micro processor.




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 I noticed that these are 1200 mAh vs the 600mAh  in the previous link- different type of Li tech -almost twice the price, but, if you want  more  run time...  The reviewer ( below ) mentions that it  can take from 3-5 charging cycles to bring a new Li batt up to full charge.

 My first "dip" into this Li batt experience was with the following Ultrafire Mini Cree Q5 3-mode Led Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoom Light (2 x 14500 Batteries and Charger)  only $12( PRIME eligible) for 2 Li battts(14500 is  AA size),  2 bay charger and a mini torch( aprox 300 lumen and very good  adjustable optics.. VEry happy with it

 And ,if you've some time battery/chargers /different chemistries- many reviews!




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 While at the local Wally WOrld,  I noted the  Li batt choices in the techy section. NONE of them ( Li Energizer brand) are labeled as rechargeable, though, and the  AA's are noted as such(AA) and not the 18500 size-which is 3.7 volt output- and not 1.5v(AA) though very similar in size. I asked an associate and they confirmed not to confuse the two Li types( recharge vs not recharge).


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