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Trilobites From Utah's U-Dig Fossil Site

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While I was in Utah, near Delta , I just had to do a little shale splitting. I visited the famous U Dig Fossils Location late in the afternoon one day. The host Robin was super nice and very helpful. She even gave me a pointy finger to a good producing spot, and loaned me a wide blade chisel. In just 2 hours I had enough material and called it a day at closing time. The trilobites were plentiful, so the fun was in the search for multiples on one slab.  Anyway , if you get the chance. Drive over there and dig up some of your own 550 million year old Trilobites. Its way to much fun, way to much !   Hey , did I mention how much fun it was ?!





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Yeah, that's some cool finds you've got there.

550 million years.....    :thumbsupanim


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