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That's funny this thread popped up in your googly search!

The project isn't dead by any means, in fact I need to go back over there(Corona)for the plywood needed to finish the wings. Money has been tight since this virus crap started. The side work I relied on to fund the airplane... has dried up completely. My wages from the mine are enough to survive on thankfully, but there ain't but a few pennies left after bills are paid. Once the Bug is drive-able I should be able to divert some funding to the airplane.

Hopefully one day things will get better again. :)

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8 hours ago, chrisski said:

Been 2 months without an update....

Hasn't been much to update unfortunately. The Baja Bug project has taken over in the short term. Once it's up and driving I should be able to divert funds towards the airplane. I did make some improvements to the engine stand, to better handle the forces when the engine is full throttle. This engine makes a healthy amount of thrust and quite frankly...it's a bit spooky standing behind it.   I'm holding off on running the engine again until after the Bug is painted, as it's parked right next to it and I don't want it blowing all my masking off the car. :)

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