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Thanks Jeff!

Mr. Milholland does not offer a folding option in the plans for the Legal Eagle. However, having said that, the wing is basically identical to the Wayne Ison( Airbike,MiniMax...etc)designed wings. I have the plans for folding hardware for an Ison designed Airbike wing. I chose to use it because the Airbike shares the same basic upper longeron geometry. I believe it will only add 1-2 lbs to the overall design. I'll probably ditch the wing tank and use a fuselage tank just forward of the instrument cluster. 

This should help in providing a good CG when carrying extra cargo. 

Here is the Airbike wing attachment...for entertainment. 


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Total scratch built Homie. Have to make everything, including the engine. 

Design calls for a half a Volkswagon engine. Basically remove the rear two cylinders and cut the crank and cam to save weight. Some folks even saw the case in half. 

Depending on bore and stroke you can get anywhere from 30-45 hp @3600 rpm

I had a deal made for a mid 70's type 1 to teardown and modify...but it hasn't materialized as of yet. Still have fingers crossed. 

This is the spec sheet. Super simple, not fast, just something to putz around the desert and keep me busy. Since I'm generally broke, the "pay as you go" build plan had a lot of curb appeal :brows:


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 Slow progress, but progress! 

Scored the perfect torch a couple days ago. A Smith Airline :4chsmu1: The gentleman I bought it from purchased it new in 1970! It was just refurbished 3 months ago and is in beautiful condition. Also included were a set of bottles and cart, 75-ish feet of hose with quick connects, and a newly refurbished Victor 100 set. Hopefully buying some tubing next week :fl:


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Dang, Yep a Score !  What material Tubing  you going with ?  I can weld but not so sure I would want to fly with it holding my chit together.  I'd use some back up on the Joints for sure.  Like this !  LOL   


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That's a nice torch set Dave.   :thumbsupanim

Is brazing going to be sufficient ?

I would think you'd want to TiG weld those tubes.  

....and now that I've said that, I guess the Wright Bros. probably didn't have a TiG welder.

Carry on.  :4chsmu1:


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Gas welding 4130 is the strongest method for the average homebuilder. Filler rod choice is crucial, but the nature of the gas process leaves latent heat in the tubing so the weld(and most important...the heat affected zone next to the weld) cools slower. That normalizes the weld and prevents crystal formation and brittleness. That is extremely important for a high carbon steel.  A skilled Tig welder can do a great job I'm sure, but I'm not a skilled TIG man...



6061 T6 can be gas welded quite easily! It was for years until TIG and MIG replaced it because of speed and marketing. 

The choice of chromo over aluminum is simple in this application. To get the strength up to the level of a 4130 fuselage, the aluminum tubing diameter would have to be increased, and that produces more drag. The Backyard Flyer ultralight uses aluminum, so it can be done though!




This guy has some good videos and info on gas welding. It may be old school, but it has many advantages. 

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10 hours ago, homefire said:

Yes, Mine was all T-6 but only nuts and bolts.


Eaaaaa!   Ya need one of these !   I'm to old for any Wiley E. Coyote  ( Super Genius )  type of Crap !



Man that hover board is awesome :yesss: I want one, this is comic book's Green Goblin comes to life!!

Thanks for posting it Homie! :thumbsupanim

Here's another video from the same demo in Naples, it show how tricky it is to take off and land, he also set a world record with his hover board (Flyboard) for the farthest hover board flight in France.





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