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The plan was a last camping trip before it gets too cold, with a return to the Mono Basin area to see more geology like Obsidian Mt. that we visited last trip. Then maybe some prospecting for minerals.

Last night she turns to me and says "you keep saying the desert keeps calling you, let's go to Rye Patch". 

I'd already been running geo reports on the LR2000 to get an idea of Closed claim locations as well as Active. The east one half of Section 29 in 32N 32E looks promising.

Never found any Nevada gold so hope she scores first.

She runs her GB 2 like an extension of her being and gets so zoned into swinging that I have to pretend an injury or dead batteries to get her to shut it off.

I will also be contacting some of the load claim holders to see is we can get some surface access to swing on.

Camping at the park. Any suggestions \ opinions on sections \ locations? We were members for a short period with WSPA and enjoyed a great outing with them but I seem to remember we went north of RP Rd.

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I spent 4 days hunting there back when it was 100+ degrees.  All I got was one piece under a grain, broke my back up headphones, and destroyed a 100 dollar canopy. Sorry, I can't say a nice thing about the place.

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And then you woke up? :)   
  Got get it!!
GL to ya.

Tom H.


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Oh rye patch !  My apologies,  I was thinking gold basin.  Gold basin is the one I dont care for. Rye patch is a great place for the gold bug. Those P.I.'s go right over gold bug nuggets all the time. Good luck ! I'm sure it will be a great trip. It seems to me that everyone just hunts everywhere out there. But there are some active mineral leases.

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