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Discovered Google Maps 3D button


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Probably been there for years, but I just discovered Google Map's 3D button.  Some of the areas I've been looking at have shafts or tunnels that were not too apparent on the 2D view, but for some reason are easier to see on the 3D view.


Also with the 3D views, the hills are much more apparent than a topographical map.  I was also surprised the one lane motorcycle trails are easily seen.

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Why on earth would anyone use Google earth to prospect? :)  The button in the tip right corner will also allow you to look at spots from different angles. 

Just wish you could see locked gates and private property signs. Oh and those single track trails may LOOK easy on google.....they LIE!:2mo5pow:

If an area, bike trail or back road looks rutted out in a area its usually a nasty uphill.

Tom H.


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1 hour ago, Bill Southern said:

Where is the 3D button, I have font and buildings 3D, but not in general.....

Bill here's where you would find the 3D button.... that is if your computer/phone meets the requirements to have the 3D button, the computer I'm using lack the graphics compatibles to have the 3D button, I haven't tried my phone yet.


"See 3D images with Earth View

You can see 3D views of cities and famous landmarks in Google Maps using Earth view on your computer.

See 3D imagery

To see 3D imagery, follow the steps below.

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. In the top left, click the Menu Menu.
  3. Choose Earth.
    • To turn labels or 3D view on or off, click “Labels” or “3D” from the Menu.
    • To zoom, scroll your mouse or use the + and - in the bottom right.

Tip: You can also click the "Earth" thumbnail in the bottom left.

Note: If the small image in the bottom left says "Satellite," you're using a simplified version of Maps called Lite mode. In Lite mode, you won’t see 3D images but you can see satellite images. To get 3D imagery, your computer needs to meetthese requirements."

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Funny.  I used to tell people at work that I had a 3D mouse for my computer.  It was a shocking mouse well worth the cost.  Their face would get all this excitement until they'd pick it up and press the button and get a little shock to wake them from their stupidity.  There is NO SUCH THING AS A 3D MOUSE PEOPLE!!  or 3D google earth ;)  Well maybe 3D google earth.  I just hold and drag the middle mouse button to get the tilt to 3D.  Not sure if this has the same effect as a "3D Button" which I cannot find even with your directions as I do not have a menu button.

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Edit:  What you mentioned is what I talked about.  If you get the 3D button, its as if you're flying at a couple hundred foot above ground level, and can move around.  I did take my first hike to go prospecting to one of these areas, and the terrain seemed so much more extreme than 3D maps made it seem.


I only see the 3D button on my home computer.  It does not appear on my laptop or my work computer.  On the laptop and work computer, something about browser not supporting.  I've had a lot of trouble with my work computer and having to switch between chrome, explorer or Edge to get the best result. 


For my computer, it works on Internet Explorer 11.  I have a windows 10 with an i7 processor.  I don't know what the minimum system requirements are for the 3D button to appear, I just know it appears on the right side of the screen with an i7 and Windows 10 on internet explorer 11.

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Google Maps doesn't work in 3D mode for the time being. You have to switch to advanced mode and that isn't really working very consistently lately. As usual the Google solution was to remove the feature entirely. They may bring back advanced mode in the future but past experience argues against a "fix". Expect Google to come out with something new soon and expect that to go away about the time you begin to consider it a tool. In the meantime you can try to start in advanced mode 3D with this link. If it works great but don't expect it to last long.



Here's a brief and not very informative overview of the difference from Google.


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