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Crushing rock


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So, ive been bumping around in the hills lately with Dave and we have been picking up ore samples to test.

I  made a hand crusher and after about 5 minutes of that I started trying to figure out a better way.:2mo5pow:

Went to the magical tool box and the magical scrap metal pile and came up with this :)
Waaaaaaaay better :yesss:

It will crush a rock down in a minute flat. 

Ear plugs are manditory.

Finding itty bitty bits of gold but nothing to write home about.

Been taking pics with numbers so if I do get some decent gold out of it I can remember what to look for.

Great.......another venture.

Tom H.







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2 hours ago, homefire said:

I have the same set up but I just use a 20lb bar I drop in.  Don't take long to get tired of that.

  Efficiency doesn'tmatter if you're multitasking/Faster workout than driving to the gym:evil1:

 Lift with your legs, then your back , then your arms, repeat:idunno: Suck in that gut, shoulders back,

 NOOOO. TOO SLOW, GEt back!!

Starting position,MOVE!:th: DO the rock crusher hop

BEGIN!   Auh Onn, Toooo ,Tree, Fauhore....

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2 hours ago, GeoJack said:

for the cost of a visit to ER you can get a pretty good impact crusher.

Geo: appreciate the concern. Im not doing this a lot. Just a few rocks now and then. Ive got a lifetime of using impact and hand tools under my belt with no ill affects. 

But, I may get the wife to do it just in case :yesss:

Either way.........heres a quote that I have up in my shop and pretty much live by :4chsmu1:

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”

Tom H.


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Great quote. I like it. And an air hammer works awesome. I use my air hammer on some of the bigger specimens we find. 


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That'll get the job done. I have a gas powered rock crusher (Keene RC1) and a manually operated crusher (pic attached). Its just a $20.00 fence post driver from Home Depot as the casing and a piece of tube steel with a handle welded on for the piston anvil. A piece of paracord is used to raise and lower the anvil and gravity does all of the work for you. Not hard on the hands at all. You can also just use an old flat sided small sledge hammer head as an anvil, just weld a handle or ring on it for the paracord. I've never had a problem getting all the powder out, just flip it over and bang it a couple of times on the bottom to get it all. Can also scrape the bottom with a piece of metal but it's rare to have to do that. This unit is very easy to carry in the field and hike with, not heavy at all. Just food for thought. 


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 I like that for field work! Great idea.
Tom H. 


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1 hour ago, Patrick in Havasu said:

Hey Tom. If you don't run over first, will you bring it to Bills outing in Nov?

:2mo5pow:Yah....do you have air to run it?


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What a great idea using an impact hammer.  My elbows get much-much sore from crushing samples.  The samples I take are similar size and infrequent and not worth getting a rock crusher.  I think an impact hammer ought to run well enough with my 6 gallon air compressor to take care of that rock.

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