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BLM mineral fees going up


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BLM has announced the new inflation adjusted minerals fees for 2017. These only affect mining locations if you want to apply for a Mineral Patent adjudication or file a protest. Many other O&G, mineral leasing, geothermal and coal fees are being raised too.

You can read the details and a lot more about new land status changes at the Land Matters NEWS page.


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They are still processing patent applications John. Some have been issued this year.

The BLM can not process a NEW application since 1994 (Congressional moratorium renewed every 2 years). Several of the applications they had in the pipeline in 1993 are still being processed. How's that for speedy service? :grr01:


A staff of land law examiners in each State Office adjudicates applications for completeness and compliance with the law and regulations. All aspects, except the mineral examination are handled here. Once the application has successfully passed through the adjudication process, the case is assigned to the BLM field office for a formal mineral examination to verify the discovery of a valuable mineral deposit on the mining claims and proper use or occupancy for any mill sites.

Yep we'll get that paperwork processed right away sir!! Come back in about 25 years for your mineral examination. :th:

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A friend of mine has gone to Oregon twice in the past 10 years or so to do the dredging for them to prove out the viability(Prudent Man Rule) and both were issued after many MANY years of waiting and piles of cash$$$$$$$$ sic sic sic as our guberment prefer Chinese metals for our high tech trinkets at ungodly prices instead of home mined---sad sic sic sic situation...:th: John

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