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Nuggets Found by US detectorists go to auction article


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The picture in the article does not go with the nuggets to be sold. Its kind of confusing and one would normally expect the photos to go with the article, but the photo is like a stock picture they had on file and just tossed in to have something in the way of a photo. The big nugget is the photo is a lot bigger than anything which is going to be auctioned. By the way, Holabird is the same auction house that sold the "Washington" nugget a few years back - a nugget supposedly from the Washington district in California, but was really from Australia.

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Here's a link to the actual auction, all of the gold is up for auction on day 2, Oct 1st., click on Oct 1st link at the top to see all the nuggets up for auction, there are 72 actual "lots" for the gold nuggets, all on page 1 and 2..


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