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Mining Claims Maps Updated


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The Land Matters Mining Claims Maps were updated to September 15th last Thursday.

Sorry it took so long to get around to posting this up here. We also prepare the Claims Advantage reports at the same time as the claims updates and between the two there are about 20 hours put in to the update. With my paying job sometimes I run out of time to do anything but make sure the claims are updated. We have never missed a claims update so you can reasonably expect that claims will be updated on the 1st and the 15th of each month unless those days fall on a weekend.

This month I made some changes to the Mining Claims Maps to make them faster and a smaller load for those on limited connections. There is a "Tip" included on the bottom right of the map window to help you get quicker page loads for these maps. Along with that tip remember that the smaller your browser mapping window the less data transferred and the quicker the map will load. Combine that with using the zoom box feature and you will cut your map load times way down. If you want to learn more ways to make your use of the maps faster and discover the hidden tricks to making really effective maps look into the documentation found by clicking the "HELP" button at the top right of each map window.

August 31st marked the end of the federal mining year. We are crunching the volumes of claims data we've collected to bring you some usable information. Here's just a teaser of what is still to come:


Those are the final figures on closed claims over the last year. I realize some other systems and organizations have come up with some very different numbers but I can assure you these numbers are correct. If you are associated with one of those other mapping systems or organizations and would like to know how to get the correct totals from the data feel free to PM me or contact Land Matters.

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Not sure where you are going with that John?

The Number of claims at the beginning of last year and the beginning of this year are virtually the same. Placer claim totals increased a little and lode claim totals dropped a little. Total of change was about 3%.

All those big closed claim numbers are just churn during the year. They are offset by new claims made during the same time period.

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Those are just the number of mining claims that were closed by the BLM during that year Koenig. Washington State is one the smallest of the mining states but it still has nearly 5,000 ACTIVE mining claims

You can get a much better idea of how many claims there are in each state by reading the free public version of the Land Matters Special Report #4. Claims Advantage Members receive a more in depth 14 page version of that Special Report.

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