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Memories of Beeline and Manzanita

Terry Soloman

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Kewl..! You hit a favorite of mine.. Have watched most if not all YT early drag racing vids.. Never could afford to get really into it.. Would run whatever street legal bike I had at the time.. Sometimes made it through a round or two, but that didn't matter as much as getting into the pits.. We usually went to this semi-outlaw track near Fairmont, WV -- Eldora Dragway, not to be confused with the El Dora strip in OH.. This was back in the mid & mid-latter '60s, and I say semi-outlaw cos at that time it was a 1/4 mi strip but not really.. It was like 15' short of a 1/4 mi so was never able to get sanctioned.. Got switched to an 1/8th mi in the early '70s, but by then I was out of SW PA.. Read that strip closed in 2000.. Good times now long gone..


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Boy, I remember them Terry :)

Beeline used to be out in the middle of no where and took forever to get to.  Loved to go to manzy and watch the bombers on the 4th. They would have like 50 lap main event and the cars were litterly falling apart.

Wing sprints pushing the air around as they came by and getting mud flung up on us. And then the smell from the rendering plant on the other side of the road would blow over the track and everyone was gagging :ROFL:

Ahhh...the good ol days. beeline is just a single building in the desert and Manzy is a parking lot for a construction company :2mo5pow:

A friend made 5 of these shirts and gave me one. People ask me were they can get one....limited run :)

Its my special occasion T shirt. 

Tom H.



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Tom you think the smell of the rendering plant was bad at Manzanita. I did some engineering work for them and had to do a site walk. It was so bad I almost did not get through it. The survey crew was praying that we did not need to send them back there.

Unfortunately I only managed to get to Manzanita a couple times before it closed. We have gone to Canyon Speedway quite a bit but have not been there lately.

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Here at the Redding Drags Doc(tv show street reacers) and another fellow(senior moment) were here last week and what a show. They were here to hype drags as more than 10% closing each year..their figures...I was raised at Lions Dragstrip(RIP) in Long Beach and Ascot circle(RIP) in Torrance. Many fantastic memories since the early 60s....Still addicted to speed/show cars and a righteous race of monster trucks, here next weekend too. YAHOO party time as nothing like the smell of nitrous intermixed with burnt rubber.....John

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