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San Domingo Gold


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Its was a steamy three days out in the San Domingo area, and this morning it was thunder, and a little rain.  

Beeped for 2 days  and scored these little beauties ....:yesss:


This one was a sun baker, in at just under a gram...:th:


I dry washed for a day .... only ran 15 buckets of good material....Im guessing that there is 1-2 grams in the concentrates- no results yet

Hope everyone is doing well out there ...until next time.

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Nice gold dood! :yesss:

Was that a sunbaker?
Tom H.


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Good to see you on it again Adam.  By the way, while you were finding crystals Tom and I caught a mess of fish.  We wondered why you didn't answer your phone. 

  Old Tom

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On 9/13/2016 at 11:07 AM, Swampstomper Al said:

Great shootin' & real nice trip-over..!

Questions for anyone: Are San Domingo &  LSD different locations..? If so, do they eventually tie in or remain separated..? Thanks..


Al, I have never been there myself, but they are both in the San Domingo District. I just can't tell from the 

literature whether LSD is a tributary of San Domingo wash or an adjacent wash. Maybe one of the guys

that knows the area could chime in and tell us? 

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