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A few pieces.....


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These are from the last few times I`ve been out ...Even got together with BD for a day of detecting, and we even scratched up a few:yesss:


Heres an odd find .....Was down in a ravine and came across this...How it got there I have no idea..


Have fun out there !  did it cool down in the desert yet?

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Nice specie Adam! WTG :yesss: Rest of that gold looks pretty nice too.

Least your finding yellow stuff. I added to my bullet collection on Tues. :idunno:

Hey.............tell me were the truck is...I need some parts :4chsmu1:

Most likely its like truck wash......steal the vehicle...take it out in the middle of no where..strip your parts and leave it. 

Tom H.



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All rough and gnarly species rock my boat the best. But stolen/stripped/dumped trucks a bummer. This year 4 have showed up on my trinity claims and FS says remove MY trucks-them stupid simple fools were told since 92 I've had the claims and never a single one but under their SEGREGATION plan this mess has ensued,along with 2 pot farms on adjacent lands,  Lots of luck and hope you find all their relatives in hiding-John

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Like always....   :4chsmu1:   Nice gold Adam !!

....and of course,  that specimen is righteous   :thumbsupanim

Thanks for the pics and letting us know you're still out there findin' the gold.


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