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boulder dash

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Met up with a fellow forum member Adam last Thursday night for a much needed camp out and refreshing drinks. Friday we hit a couple of old areas where we both scored a few nuggets.  After calling the day a success we decide to hit some new areas.  Towards the end of the day we were in a gold bearing area neither of us had detected properly. I went left  and Adam to the right . Straight away I found 2 pieces.  Continued up the wash and nothing. Finally Adam caught up with me and we started trying to find more by splitting up and detecting exposed bedrock . Just when we were about to turn and leave I think I said, let me finish this last stretch. Strait away I get a banging signal witch ended up being a half gram specimen.  It was a great trip with the 2 of us finding gold and similar amounts of gold.  


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Adam?  You said he is a forum member??  You need to refresh our memory I think.

Adam ... hummm ... ohhh ... that guy who takes pictures.

You show him where gold is?  Mistake, BIG Mistake ... there might not be any left when he is done with the area.

WTG on the finds.


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Maybe you and Adam can meet up to talk photography ... Fstop ... Exposure ...    :inocent:

Just playing, Mitchel.  :action-smiley-068[1]:

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WTG Wade :) Glad you guys were able to get together again.

Skunk for me this week..will try again next week!

Tom H.


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That's some good stuff ya got there !!   :D

After a long day of picking up the 'little guys', that big one is like the icing on the cake.

Keep after it.  Always looking forward to seeing what you'll find next....  :thumbsupanim


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