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Skip vs Hurricane Hermine..

Swampstomper Al

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Five days ago I would have said I would be bearing the brunt of the south side of what was then not even a named tropical storm.. As of ths moment it looks like I'm about five minutes away from getting hit by the last of its outer bands, maybe 30 mph gusts within rain squalls, while Skip has been getting hammered by the worst of it since last night and will continue getting pounded until sometime tomorrow..

Good thing this is just barely a hurricane, not even that right now.. Power outages and some flooding should be about it.. No houses are gonna get blown off their foundations.. Still, 60 mph winds for a day-and-a-half begins getting real old real fast around hour number two.. Here's hoping all is well up your way, Skip..


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Thanks for your concern Al! :thumbsupanim

It was almost a normal day for me. went to work but I did get off a little early, but not due to the storm just got finish early, a little windy and some rain, but nothing major.

I have live here for 42 years and I have left the area for maybe 3 hurricanes, I have stayed for many more hurricanes and countless tropical storms, I weight the decision on staying or leaving based on the storm track, weather fronts in my area that maybe weaken the advancing storm, and severity of the storm (Cat 2 or less I have always stayed, class 3 borderline base on tracking), I'm well prepared to weather most storms, I live on some of the highest land in the area and 12 miles from the coast, well stock up on survival supplies, 2 portable generators, gas up well in advance, etc., etc.

That being said this storm was bound to weaken somewhat due to a high pressure front advancing southwards which would only weaken the storm as it advanced northwards and eventually pushing it back out to sea which will happen over the next 36 hours it appears.

This area wasn't hit very hard I got maybe 3" to 3 1/2" of rain, other localized areas got more but other areas even less, we had maybe 6 to 7 large trees in the area go down, unfortunately 2 on houses, 2 on power lines and the rest temporarily blocking roads, otherwise minor wind damage, i.e, dead tree limbs blown out of the trees and no flooding to speak of.

A little more damage further inland closer to the center of the storm, it seems the worst was a possible small tornado spawned from the storm, around 12 or so homes were damaged either by tree falls and or wind damage but none so bad that they can't be repaired and no major flooding to speak of, so all and all we got out easy this time.

I'm sure more damage will be reported as time goes on.

Now the good, this storm was a God send for the local farmers, this storm coming here ended a 69 day record above 90 degrees and most of those days it was mid to upper 90s with a few days over 100 degrees so we have had moderate to severe drought conditions, the rain from this storm comes just a few days to a few weeks from harvest time depending on the type of crop and the farmers have been having to irrigate the crops to keep from losing them completely, which is very costly and this rain coming at this time will most likely help the farmers to make a profit this year instead going into the red from having to keep irrigating the crops to keep from losing the crops entirely.


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