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Ny beaches

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You will need a permit for the most popular South Shore beaches - Jones; Robert Moses, $40.00, 

NYS Parks
625 Belmont Ave
West Babylon, NY 11704

All of the town beaches are permit free, but many times there is no place to park unless you have a town permit on your car. 

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You guys don't know the half of it!

Toll roads, Toll bridges, Parking fee's THEN the $40.00 permit!

It costs over $20.00 in tolls just to get to Long Island from Westchester County. Then it's $10.00 to park at the beach. Now throw in gasoline and an hour each way. 

Here is the odd part. After all of that I'm still $3,000 ahead on my gold total over the last four-years! I guess there is something to be said for prospecting New York Beaches that MILLIONS use each year!  Now with the storm coming in, it will be gold and silver heaven for a couple of days at Jones and Robert Moses beach! Getting my Tesoro Sand Shark ready!


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LOVE them storm beach cuts.:thumbsupanim Many a time spent hours on my knees as hit/hit/hit/hit so no use even standing up...even with my righteous sandscoop as conserving energy...wish you luck and be safe....THEM FEES ARE BLOODY INSANE...John

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