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Hey all....

So last Friday, I met up with Andyy and Brad for a midnight hunt.  We got out to the spot around 1am and the moon was just past full.  The temps were excellent.  We all split up and I promptly found my way up a hill to 'bullet central'.  After a dozen or more booming targets, I just had to walk away.  If there was gold there, I'll leave it for someone else to wade through all the lead.  I was trying to get to an area that looked 'good' on Google Earth, but the darkness and brush made it tough, so I decided to leave it for another time.

Around 4am, I made my way down to the wash where we had parked.  This place had been worked before, but since I was swinging the SDC I just went real slow and tried to cover every inch of the wash and exposed bedrock.  After awhile, I thought to myself, " I wonder how long it will take me to find my first nighttime nugget?"  Turned out, just under 20 minutes.  :thumbsupanim  

At 4:45am, I found a little 'Bradshaw sunflower seed' at the place where two smaller gullies flow together into the 'main' wash.  It was in a spot where you'd expect to find gold.  I guess they left one for me.  :D

Unfortunately, Andyy and Brad were not so lucky.  One small nugget was the take for the day.  We loaded up the truck around 8:30 and headed for home.  Everyone had a great time and we've got some plans for next time around.

I had family obligations on Saturday and figured the midnight hunt was going to be it for the weekend.  Luckily, I was wrong. 

Sunday morning, I get a text from Dean, wondering if I was going to get out again.  Turned out, my wife was planning to catch up on some work and since the kids were at the in-laws, she gave me the green light.   :woot:

So I tossed my stuff in the truck and made it up to where Dean was around 10:30am.  He scored a nice 1.5g nug about fifteen minutes before I got there.  Then, right away, he scored another, and then another....   :ROFL:  All in a 30 foot stretch of the wash we were in.  I was thinking, I gotta get something, anything....

After about an hour, I landed my first for the day.  It was another little .1g SDC nugget.  Awesome !!  No skunks for the day.  :ya:

A little later, I found another SDC nugget in a little bedrock seam.  Now I've got two.  When I returned to the spot after showing Dean my good fortune.  I looked at where I found it and did a boot scrape along the seam and up the side of the wash.  Another signal and another nugget, that makes three.  Tied with my daily record....

We continued to hunt but didn't find anymore.  By now, it was lunchtime.

After lunch, Dean suggested we grab the shovel and go back to where he found the big one.  We cleared a 10 foot stretch of six to twelve inches of overburden and he let me have the first go at it.  I pushed some birdshot around in the dirt for a bit and then found a signal that had the right sound.  It was in a pocket and the deeper we dug the louder it got.  Soon it was out of the hole and in the scoop.  I remarked that it wasn't as loud as before, but it was gold in the scoop and #4, record breaker.  After a couple pictures, I shut off my detector and Dean fired up the 4500.  He promptly swung over the pile of dirt we had just taken out of the pocket and BAM !! , another target.  Seems there were two in one hole and the 'banana' nugget was that loud one I had heard earlier.  He was gracious enough to let me drop that one in my poke and that made five for the day.   :4chsmu1:

We stuck around there until a storm cell started making things too noisy and the rain started to fall.

So, all in all, I had a great weekend with some good friends and scored a few more nugs along the way.

Here's a pic of the gold Dean and I found.  His are on the upper right and mine on the lower left.

I knew that buying the SDC was a good idea, but I never would have expected to meet such a good friend in the process.  Thanks again Dean !!



20160821 Day with Dean.jpg

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Nice work, guys!!  Who says you can't detect AZ in the summer?!  Ha..Ha..


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Right on Luke!
  Great story...tks for sharing. 

Sounds like a awesome time in the hills.

Tom H.


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Hey....   Thank you guys !!

I'd love to say I've done it all on my own, but that's just not true.

This forum has provided incredible information and moral support to keep me going when I wasn't finding any gold.

I have also been fortunate enough to meet some really great people who were willing to give me just enough of a nudge in the right direction to help get the ball rolling.

Having a good prospecting partner, who is willing to go out any time he can, even though he's not been as lucky as me.  Priceless.  Thanks Mark.

Going to our first outing at LSD and meeting The Toms was probably one of the best things that could have happened.   :D     Some of you other guys were pretty cool too...  :brows:

Funny thing, is that two of the places where I've found some gold were places that I found on my own.  But, I didn't start getting the nuggets until I received some specific info about each of those locations.   Having the right technique is probably the most important thing, and if I had to figure it out alone.....who knows  :idunno:

So....  Thanks again.   It feels really good to be able to contribute to the forum and maybe pass along some encouragement to the next guy.

It's still out there.  Persistence and Perseverance....

There's a new record to break.  I'll be sure to let y'all know when it happens !!



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