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I've been watching the Olympics.  I watch carefully when the cameras pan across the Copa Cabana beaches to see if anyone is metal detecting (aside from the plentiful eye candy).  So far, no luck.  Has anyone spotted a detector at the Rio beaches?  Is detecting permitted there?  Just wondering.

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I think it's too dangerous.  I hear they rob you at gun point when you go to the gas stations.  (especially if you have a stupid hair dye job)  :nono:

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Malucos cut you off and surround you. Getting back to car/hotel is dicey.

Plus the beaches are really trashy. They bring everything into the beach and just leave the trash where it falls.

My beach experience was in Macieo---more of a non international beach. Rio may be slightly better beacause of that.

 I believe Garimpo beeped in Rio years ago. Said trick was to watch during the day and see the spots where They got all greased up then return later. I suspect he liked doing "research".

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That video is old, seen it before ....but its just another reminder no matter where you find yourself...watch your behind....while you watch those pretty Brazilian behinds on the beach. :ROFL:The funny guy with the hair color ...........was nothing but an idiot....hate to say it...but some of our own made them self look pretty stupid. How about our womens goalie in the soccer match against Sweden. She called them cowards for winning.......lol...Wow !! 

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