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Montana bound

El Dorado

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Looks like your Foretravel is about ready to launch. I see you have the 40 foot model with the JATO. How does your jeep tow behind the Grand Villa when it's airborne?

Enjoy your journey El D the weather is beautiful there right now.

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Have a great time Bro and drive safely.  Show us some yeller when you get back. 

   Old Tom

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Was a fantastic trip.  Montana is flat out Amazing.  Came back with a bit of gold and a nice pile of Montana Sapphires.  The place we dredged was not that far from the water source, a glacier and the water was 38 degrees. After three days, the old 70 year old body just could not deal with that temp anymore. If we go again, a wet suit heater should fix that.  Glacier National Park is friggin beyond description. Montana people are friendly beyond description and they made the trip even better.  Our favorite town was Philipsburg where we screened for sapphires. Wallet got a bit lighter but we found more than 300 carats, some in the 2 1/2 to 3 carat range  I did leave some to be heat treated and cut.  I hope to end up with 6-8 carats of near perfect blue stones.  I still have not uploaded the pics to the computer.   We saw many animals, both in and out of the parks.  I did not get to see a Moose, but Dee did on a run to town for supplies.  Even got to see a small herd of Mountain Goats.

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