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This beautiful talented young lady is the daughter of one of our moderators. Her name is 

Natalie McGiffert, her father is our own moderator David McGiffert. Natalie will be 

performing in gymnastics on 20th Aug. 2016 in Rio de Janeiro at 10:00 AM Brazil time. Now 

that is two hours ahead of EDT. 


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Tons a au 2 u 2 ---you go girl :yesss: . So please correct--EDT is 3 ahead of kalif- so add 2 more so noon eastern is 9 am here in cali. BUT they jumble events all around on cable to facilitate sponsors. I WILL try my best to see and hope she has a golden day-kudos-wow what a honor-John :thumbsupanim

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23 minutes ago, homefire said:

No longer watch TV.  Over 15 years now.  I'll see it on the Net.

Ditto.. Ditched cable in '97 & never looked back.. HULU, if any TV at all.. Other'n that it's the occasional live feed / time-delay or YT.. TV is such a time-thief..!


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No Nation wide News is Trust worthy.  They took off any and all I liked to watch and replaced them with Alternate Life Style people. 


I sure hope this gal wins.

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Hi all, 

The competition is called Rhythmic Gymnastics Group. It goes on at 6am pacific coast time on Aug. 2oth.

It will only be shown (as far as I can tell), on live stream on the internet. The site is: nbcolympics.com

These six girls started training four years ago. They come from all over the US, but had to move to Illinois

where the Group National Team trains. They were up against almost impossible odds:

No American group had ever gotten into the Olympics on their score. Almost every other team in the world is government

sponsored. All the training, the lodging, food, their education, their equipment is paid by whatever country they represent.

In America the sport is totally parent funded up to the point they begin competing overseas. At that point USA Gymnastics picks up the bill. 

This sport is unknown in the US but on a world level it is incredibly popular - it is one of the three sports that immediately

sells out at the Olympics. No one who knows about the sport expected the US girls to even be close to being one of the 14 teams

that compete in the Olympics. They shocked everyone, especially the USA Gymnastics organization, by qualifying last year

in Stuttgart Germany at the World Championship where the first 10 of the 14 teams was chosen. The other 4 teams were chosen

in a qualification meet in Rio this last April. Expecting them to get gold is out of the question

but make no mistake, these girls have done something very few thought possible.

So, this is all to say that just by going to Rio these girls have won.

Special thank you Garimpo for your constant support through all these years, this marks Natalie's 12th year in the sport.

Thanks for your interest. Best wishes to everyone.


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I tried yesterday numerous times as 106+ and passed out at 10:30. Will try your link, thanx much. ALL events interest me as they are all tough to do. thanx again-John

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