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hi ,   new to all forms of gold digging etc.     dumb question?    if i put what i think is gold (?) in aqua regia and also sand , black sand , some dirt and other stuff will it ruin my solution ?    i know it would be best not to have "other stuff " in there but i found some light flake gold and am having a hard time separating it without getting other stuff with it . will a lot of other stuff be in solution also?    thanks in advance JOHNM

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 Welcome to the forum John!

 You say you have found some "..light flake gold..", well gold is not light, small, thin, etc, granted but gold will always be much heavier than most all other materials you'll likely get in your pan...IF...all the other particles are of the same or similar in size to the gold, panning the gold should be mcuh easlier, the key to separating/panning the gold is classification/screening the material down to the approximate size of the gold.

 That being said, are you sure it's gold, and not mica/fools gold and or pyrite?

 Try and separate few of the biggest piece and with pressure between you thumb and forefinger rub the "gold" as hard as possible, is the gold still there(?) or did it smear to pretty much nothing(?), if it's not there and did smear, it's mica.

 If it's still there, put it on a piece of metal so you can strike it with a hammer, did it flatten out, or crush/shatter(?), if it shattered/crushed, it's most likely pyrite, but definitely not gold, if it flatten out, you have a very good chance of it being gold!

So if your "gold" has passed the above test you now need to start by classifing/screening  the material down to the size of the gold before panning, wet classification with plenty of water is best, then you can pan the material down until you get it close to only blacksand and gold, there are some other techniques that can help you at this point as well, here are a couple of videos that will help you greatly once you get the material down to blacksand and gold.




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