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Too Big for a Meteorite?

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Had this in the garage for about 20 years. My dad found it whilst digging some footings for a house. 1m under the ground with no other rocks around he cracked it with a hammer and that is what you see. He took it home because it was heavy and shiny and so it sat there.

All i want to know is whether it is a meteorite. As you can see its magnetic, that is why i think it is. However i did some research and that vein of metal (Iron?) could be a bad sign. Also would it not leave a big crater?

Found in East Anglia, UK.

So what do you guys think??





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I would say nope it's not to big to be a meteorite, nope it wouldn't leave a big crater and nope its not a meteorite. Looks like granite. I've installed some counter tops that look like that.

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