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This Made Me Angry

Terry Soloman

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As a young Boy Scout, I made the hike into the Canyon almost every summer and Havasupai Falls was always one of my favorites. Back then, late 1960s into the early '70s, you needed the tribe's permission, and the waiting list was sometimes 18-months long. They only allowed 30-people at a time. I saw this today, and it made me sick.


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Young Tom and I have bred and raised horses for years in the past.  Seeing this sickens me to see any animal much less equines in that kind of shape.  Horses work for and serve mankind without any complaint to speak of.  All they really want is their food when it is due.  Sure it is maybe a lot when compared to a cat or dog but the amount of what they give in return is also a great deal.  That outfit should be boycotted and put out of business for running a line like that.  I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon from the South Rim using both trails and didn't see one animal abused nor mal nourished.  Animals can be kept in good order and still have the bottom line come out in good shape. 

   Old Tom

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