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Anyone see the Meteor last night around 9:36?

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 I was in Mariposa town and around 9:30 last night and saw a a blue sphere with a long tail with smaller balls of orange. The tail was very long....as I watched it for 55 seconds the main sphere broke into two objects. Got it on video...the tail was much longer than what you see on the video. We lost site of it after it went over a small ridge, 20-30 seconds later we heard a boom. This was like no other meteor I have seen before. What amazed me was how slow it moved, we were literally watching it for 50 seconds as it flew over our heads. Maybe you experts have heard about this one, we took the video at 9:36pm. Could the boom be an impact or a sonic boom as it broke into the Earths Atmosphere ?  

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1 hour ago, clay said:

Thanks for posting a link, clay.. Had only seen a still & shorter report until that..


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You need to report it to http://www.amsmeteors.org/ which lists large meteors and objects entering our atmosphere. By triangulation we learn it's trajectory and possible strewnfield. Already 60 people have enterd data on the Chinese reentry rocket.


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We were in Mariposa town that night and it shot right over our heads....single ball when I saw it, watched it for about 55 seconds. Than before it went over a local ridge ball split into two balls. I have the video my daughter took, but its on my facebook page. If your on facebook, let me know and I will send it to you via p.m. I heard one boom, but my friend who lives in the higher elevation heard two, which would make sense since the object broke into two pieces.Lone Pine area would make sense ....still conflicting news, no confirmation from either NASA or any other agencies....so its still possible to be a meteor. I will be in Lone Pine on Saturday, if I hear anything , will update.

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From Galactic Analytics:


The strewn field from the Long March 7 fall is about 200 km long! This is a quick compilation of most of the radar reflections from this event. The area is central Utah; note the yellow lines denoting I-15 and I-70. Long March 7 came in from the WSW moving towards the ENE.

A note about space debris - we cannot estimate the mass like we can with meteorites, because each piece of debris could be steel, fiberglass, solar panel, thermal blanket, etc. The map will only show where something is, without information on size or mass.

Galactic Analytics's photo.
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Geo jack,


I will send you our video of it, west to east ...here is a photo of it over Mariposa ...single object. Could not find you on facebook , but in the video you will see it go from single than it splits into two. I did see other videos made of it where it shows the two objects burning...interesting thing was my daughter and I and others with us saw a red flashing light also...thought it might have been a plane....

Strapped, thanks for the info..interesting !


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