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Thanks Bill & Kevin! Yummy Yarnell

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Thanks to Bill and Kevin for reminding me how great the food is up here at the Ranch House Diner in Yarnell!  Chicken friend steak and eggs there are the best in the world!  Cheers, Unc & Dodacious

Ranch House Cafe Dodie.jpg

Ranch House Cafe Ron.jpg

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4 hours ago, Andyy said:

mmmm ...mmmm food.  Cool shirt, too  :cowboypistol:

Awesome food and the good ol' AK always ready to rock n' roll .... Got that cool shirt from Bobbie at Needles and Thread in beautiful down town Wickenburg ... Just a hundred feet from the stoplight ... Got the hat there too!

Cheers, Unc

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The Pain of loosing a Hairy Kid.  Ever notice a dog that's a Butt Nugget seem to go on for Years and Years while the Best dogs are short lived. 

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 I'm glad the new owners are keeping with tradition. I think it changed hands a couple years back.

 First experience , there, was the porkchop bkfst:yesss: ...DElish!

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Hey Gary.... where you been hiding? ... Sorry about your pup... That's hard to handle ... Our dog Patch is like a kid to Dodacious and me! ... Cheers, Unc


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