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What's a good meteorite detector.

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After having experience in finding coins and lost treasures, I was thinking about going for meteorite or rare metal findings. I am searching for a suitable device for meteorite hunting. I don’t know about this, last weekend I found  a gps set and a geophysical instrument, magnetometer in my uncle’s home. My cousin used it for his studies. I heard, it can find meteorites rich in magnetic properties. I would like to get some more insights on whether a magnetometer could be used to detect minerals and meteorite. If not, suggest me a good meteorite detector.

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I'd say go with the most expensive detector that you can afford. Or save up for it. Reason: you'll be wishing you had and eventually will be buying it anyway. Depending on what you want to get out of the detector, then try to find one that fits the bill. I use a Minelab GP 3500, an it has done well for gold and meteorites. I have also had a Minelab GP3000, Extreme, and American Gold striker. I have also had a White's MXT, GMT, Vsat, and a coin machine (that I still have).  I have also had Goldbugs too, that I probably should have kept. 

The point is, not all of them were good for meteorites.  They all served a different purpose coins, gold, jewelry, etc. Don't get me wrong, I still like to swing a detector but walking and searching dry lake is a hell of a lot easier than swinging these days. Just my two cents worth.... Happy hunting.


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Jayray; Except for the coin-machine I would say that is a pretty good list of possibles...however, detecting for gold or meteorites is not for every one...

you can find a good used nugget hunter for 4-6 hundred and re-sell it if you don't like that aspect of detecting...if you buy a inelab Pi getting repaid is much more difficult.


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