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Ok, on one hand I'm lucky the place does not have the typical trash associated with a miner but I am hampered by this one single situation. Wire.

I am constantly getting hits on the GB2 and finding very small bits and pieces of this cable's wire sheath. Can anyone id this? I'm hoping to date the dig a bit with information.

It was laying across the tailing piles from what I can estimate and this is the only complete section I have found. Very heavy duty.

No other trash, no metal except an occasional knife tip or pick tip, boot tack.


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To me it looks like old overhead power line from back in the day. I find it up here where we hunt. Little 3 or 4 inch pieces like that plus all the little broke off individual wires. Come to find out there was an old power pole that was left laying out in the brush that was in line with one that was still standing a couple hundred yards away. I started investigating found even more of that wire in the line with the poles. Maybe that's what you have there. Just the power poles are gone.


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