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Martian Meteorites and other Meteorites for sale

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Leonard, welcome to the forum.

I must ask if you have certification showing that indeed these specimens are what you say they are?

If so please include such documentation in this topic for a better outcome of your posting/sale.

If not, I must say to all forum members caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), and do your own due diligence before buying.

Otherwise good luck.

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Well no wonder there weren't any earth-shattering kabooms..! If those were what Marvin was firing at us out of his Illudium U-36 Explosive Space Modulator it's fairly obvious the mad lad failed to adjust for inverse drag coefficiency.. They hit our atmosphere and angled off at about the same degree as a MLB pitcher firing a curve with a wiffle ball.. That's the only possible way they could have survived total disintegration upon entering the ironicosphere, allowing them to make planetary landfall fairly unscathed.. :41:


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