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hunting government land, permission, permits etc

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Hi everyone just wondering what the deal is when you guys hunt in other countries like Africa, Morocco and even in the USA etc.

I couldn't find a topic for this or much info on the net.

Do you have to ask for permission on government lands through your embassy etc?

How do you find the laws about meteorite extraction and exportation of certain countries is there procedures or do you just wing it as there just " rocks " to most.

Finally can you get meteorites classified if you didn't even get permission to hunt there would it depend on the country if they give a sh*t or not about meteorites?

Thank you

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Try searching the Metlist archives, this has been discussed there before.  Many countries have rules in place, I would never suggest to "just wing" anything when international borders are involved.

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Great info everyone thank you

I have some questions about trading meteorites.

Is there a permit that's required for buying and selling meteorites from different countries like of the streets from dealers or even online? again does it only depend on international borders and there laws on meteorites?

What about if you decide to travel with high quantity's or even a single high quality meteorite?


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