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Potential meteorite from Southern France?

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Hey all,

I found this odd looking rock in the middle of nowhere in a rocky forest in southern france. 
It was in the Vaucluse region, near Apt, where in 1803 a meteorite exploded above the area.

I did the following tests:

-Magnet: Yes, a magnet sticks to it.
-Streak test: I used the bottom of a bathroom tile and rubbed the stone against it, nothing appeared, no red or black stripes.
-Fusion crust: The rock has one side that is black, and looks like it melted, potentially from entering the atmosphere?

The only thing that makes me doubt are the bubble like cavities it has here and there, which could mean the rock is just slag.

However, I am just researching the internet, a look from you experts might clear this up for me!

Thanks in advance! 






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