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Northern CA quartz crystals and...

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1st time posting! Nice to be here, and hope I have many finds to share and see of yours in the future. I've been prospecting for gold off and on for over 20 years, and recently have been looking for other minerals. This is a recent quartz on granite I belive, that appears to have an additional mineral I'm unfamiliar with. Any ideas? Thanks for looking!





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Nice quartz crystal specimen . We have a small crystal deposit area up here by Lake Shasta around Jones Valley but NOT that quality-kudos-John

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 I think w/ calcite, crosssections will be squarish/rhombic,

,,quartz is hexagonal.

 Barite is bladed.  

 COuld be all  (and more) minerals in the pics.mineral museum pic-barite calcite quartz


.......................   TEst at your peril:evil1: w/ vinegar and a steel blade, some sample areas that you don't care about damaging.

 Barite is very weak mineral and should be easily scratched or broken.  Vinegar w/ react w/ calcite, but not quartz which is also harder than steel( it won't scratch).

 Wait!, I think I  also see, could it be........... it is baublite!!!!!!!!!!!!! It even looks shinylicious:4chsmu1:

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Welcome to the forum..!

You certainly live in a great starting point location.. If I was based out of there I'd definitely expand my hunt objectives to include relics.. :reading::black_knight_standing:


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