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Another silver ring beach find..

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This came from what I call the 'front row top-of-the-slope chair line'..

Found in loose dry sand near the Cocoa Beach Pier early evening Wed 160706.. Older ring; reminds me of what I saw selling new 35 - 40 years ago.. Stamped 925, preceeded by a combined JH.. Opposing inner stamped CZ..  Princess mine cut at I'm guessing 2.5 to 3 carats??, surrounded by 20 small CZs, 4 along each edge, one on each corner..



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Dern nice find! :)
  There is probably so much lost jewelry out there.

Hope you get more!
Tom H.


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That's a nice find, Swamp    :thumbsupanim

I think it would be fun to give beach detecting a swing one of these days....

Take it easy and hope you find more out there !



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2 hours ago, Alwaysdirty said:

Haha,pun intended?!

yep.....    :4chsmu1:

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Cool Swamp.  Your black and white pic looks like the original sales add :) 

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9 hours ago, Kenny234 said:

wow, a diamond, wondering whose that is?

Don't I wish it was diamond..!

It's cubic zirconia, a relatively modern manmade gem.. Its mfg process was perfected in Russia in the late '60s or early '70s.. Commercial production began approx 1976..

This shape, I believe, is known as 'princess'.. The cut is what I know as 'old mine', which is an older very simplistic cut and not very refractive.. More recently a cut known as 'new mine' was introduced, which has more facets and is much more refractive..

As mentioned further up this thread this ring reminds me of the ones I saw 35 - 40 years ago, which is when the CZ was first offered for public consumption.. I am almost certain this ring dates from then.. At the same time I doubt that makes this item more valuable from all perspectives other than possible historical significance..


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