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Meteorite ??

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Here are a few better shots. No metal - no magnet attraction. To my untrained eye, it looks like some lunar meteorites that I have seen. Hoping someone knowledgeable can chime in here. The 2nd photo (last) shows a crust layer on right side



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Meteorites are rare.  Much much much more rare (by weight) than gold or diamonds on this earth.  Meteorites with vesicles are the rare of the rare for meteorites.


Your first link is BS disguised as science.  There are no meteorites on that page.


Your second link is a lunar meteorite discovered in Antarctica, not your typical discovery by any stretch of the imagination.

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having fun is always good, as is learning.

many years ago, when I first developed a serious interest in Meteorites I really thought every bit of melted, twisted metal was surely an Iron....never have found an iron.

Well, except the very little irons at franconia...

I thought many odd looking rocks must be chrondrites but they were all m-wrongs. Some were very good wrongs, but, still wrongs.

enjoy the trip and the search!


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