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A few nuggets....


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The  last few days I have found myself wandering around the desert looking for gold, an more recently into the 

higher elevations....As usual I have a few photos to post ...Enjoy!  

Heres a few little pieces recently acquired....


I was approached by a mother bear and her two cubs. As I left the area I got a shot of one cub that had climbed the tree to get away from me,


Heres a neat homestead


Managed to get this great night photo last evening


I found this rock to be entertaining...Any rock art interpreters around?  


Hope everyone that chooses to go out in the heat it doing it safely ...until next time!





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That's awesome, Adam! I especially LOVE that one nugget - sort of at 7:00 position compared to the rest - because it's shaped just like a small shark's tooth! That one would make a very cool little pendant, I think. Beautiful job on the photos, also. :thumbsupanim

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Cool adventure for sure! :)
Got some gold :ya:

Found a new area...and got out alive!  Jez....bears!!
WTG Man.



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