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Its been kind of crazy since it started. Finally getting good sleep now that is seems to be almost controlled.  The fire started in the bottom of the canyon below my house about two miles away.  Mandatory evacs were less than a mile away and we were in an advisory evacuation situation.  We have been totally ready to bug out at a moments notice and did all we could to prep the house and property.  The firefighting effort was monumental especially the air attack. The nice quiet area was like an airshow and the many bulldozers could be heard 24/7 for a week.  The closest the fire actually got was about 1 1/2 miles.  We owe everything to the amazing firefighters......... and having a DC-10 fly over the house at very low altitude was reassuring......When I get some photos off my iphone I will post....some were taken by me, some by local photographers and some were from video screen-grabs.  the one picture of a hill top at night is really cool. if you can enlarge it look on the top of that lighted hill and you can see three           firefighters.










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Glad to hear you're O.K., thanks for sharin' the pics. From logging in the area I know there is some pretty steep ground. Fire fighters have their job cut out for 'em.

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4 hours ago, middleforkminer2 said:

They should keep some of those tankers with fire retardant held in reserve for when protestors shut down freeways...

Yeah, but it's fertilizer, it might make the b....... grow. :th:

  Old Tom

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20 minutes ago, Old Tom said:

Yeah, but it's fertilizer, it might make the b....... grow. :th:

  Old Tom

 Not before they could be arrested...and if it's the right type fertilizer, maybe they could just sprinkle a little diesel fuel in with it

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