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Don't know a thing....

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I don't know the first thing about meteorites...

Over a somewhat large area, maybe a mile by a mile, I have been finding what look like pieces of iron shrapnel..  Definitely created by an explosion but no melting.  They are small, maybe 1/2 inch by 1 inch. Highly magnetic.

I have been chucking them but I thought maybe they might be something?

I'll find a couple and post a pic if anyone thinks they might be something.

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Something went boom..... But not centered near any mine, etc Found dozens of pieces about the same size. nothing larger. Never found any that had a machine or flat surface. Thanks for looking.

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Hey Guys,

       Nickel content is not enough........Back in the 1990's, I took some iron pieces (with no man-made surfaces)

to John Gwilliam, a local meteorite expert.  They had been found on a small ridge top at 6880 foot elevation, rusty,

buried, and on the bedrock. He was very excited, and took a few home with him to test for nickel.

They were positive to a nickel test, so he had me take them to ASU (Dr. Moore) .  They did not look like Glorietas,

but more like Canyon Diablos.  Unfortunately, they came back as terrestrial

iron, with the proviso that they were some sort of shrapnel.  No matter how remote the location, man has left

stuff behind for our metal detectors to find.  Yes, it is always possible to find real irons out there, but identifying

them may not always be easy.  If there are enough indications, you'll want to take it to a lab anyway.  But

don't get your hopes up. 

                                                    Good Hunting,  Ben


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