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Went in for glasses; came out needing eyes..

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It's taken me two days to write about this..

A few months ago I noticed I was starting to have problems with smaller print.. Just figured it was time for a perscription adjustment; no biggie.. The g/f insisted we see an opthamologist instead of an opthomotrist because along with her needing new glasses too macular degeneration does run on the maternal side of my family.. I agreed.. She promptly didn't make an appointment.. A couple months ago I noticed it had gotten almost impossible to read small type.. This time she did make the appointment..

Went in on Monday for the exam and new perscription.. Came out having been told it would be a waste of $$s getting new lenses cut because they wouldn't make much if any difference.. Why / why not..? Cataracts.. Surgery recommended sooner than later..

Now, I understand cataract surgery is supposedly no big deal, especially in this day and age.. Internet sez 98% of people no problemo..

But I haven't exactly had the best run of no problemo surgery and other crazy body goings-on things lately.. So I'm a bit freaked out about needing to have this done even though I understand the procedure and know all the %s..

What I'm looking for are honest recovery evaluations from those of you here who have had the procedure.. Just would like to know how the following couple / few weeks went for you is all.. Having both eyes done, minimum one week wait time between..



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Hey Swamper It was a piece of cake for me. The worst was I was asked if I wanted to see up close or long distance. I opted for long distance but that had me wearing bifocals to read. So my glasses are clear lenses with auto darkening in sunlight with bi-focals in the bottom. My vision was where they couldnt improve lens so I had the lens implant done.. Recovery was like nothing ever happened. They sat me in a chair and told me to rest for awhile and I was kinda wondering rest for what ! Everything was fine and I was set to go. Think in terms of a few hrs or maybe the rest of the day

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Yeah, I had cataract surgery on my right eye a year ago this month ... Went pretty good except the optometrist pushed me to get new glasses 30 days after operation ... The actual eye doctor said I should wait 3 - 4 months ... Well, the op pushed me so I did it and, after $400 lens, two months later I couldn't see for sh*t! ... Still can't ... So, the surgery is good and no big deal, but you've got to deal with the follow up ... In my experience, don't even think about a new RX until your eyes have had the chance to heal and adjust! .. Cheers, Unc

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I was told 6 months ago I need the op in my left eye....but.....know plenty who it went good on but a few not so much. The idea of losing my ability to read without glasses just is a such a bummer as eye loses focus ability, at least that's what 2 docs told me as got a 2nd opinion. ONE TOUGH DECISION as saw 2 uncles go blind-one a artist/painter and the other the Head Currator for art in a Detroit Museum. Gettn' old sucks as decisions are now NOT a win just a partial victory with many costs....John

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Cataracts run in both sides in my family, and I'm sure that surgery is coming for me.  My Mom had it done a couple of months ago and tells me that she only needs reading glasses now, and that was within days of the surgery.  The prescription was pretty strong before the operation. 

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