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Is this Amber or a combination ...?

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Well, if it's heavier than (or as heavy as) glass it is not going to be Amber. Amber's specific gravity is a little over 1, whereas glass runs from 2.4 to 2.8. 

As was stated earlier, it might be an agate, but the banding in it is not typical. I think the two strongest possibilities are opalized wood, or glass. It's usually pretty difficult to ID something positively from photos alone. 

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:89:  Glass vs Agate (aka quartz), can you say hardness test? 

won't scratch a glass plate, its glass; will scratch a glass plate, its Agate

Either way, its a cool looking nick knack.

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Never seen one like that but I believe it just might be a mix?? Heat a needle and touch to the amber looking part, should penetrate,leave a mark if hot enough-Righteous species for sure. John

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