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How different are they????

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I have a White's Goldmaster with the additional GoldMax.  I can go to a class using a Minelab.  Are the machines similar, so that what I learn about Minelab is applicable to my Goldmaster?  

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I have Kaimi Stan's Whites GMT Goldmaster.  The class I am considering doing gives instructions on how to identify, then takes you out a couple of times with instructors with you into a seeded field to help you locate and identify.  I live in Florida so have only a few chances to go out West and hunt.  The few times I have, I brought back tons of meteor wrongs.  However, I did learn how to file a window, which unfortunately ruled out all my rocks!  It is very hard to do this from pictures.  I know you only get to be proficient with practice and hours put in, unfortunately limited due to location. 

The detector they use is Minelab  SDC 2300.  I need all the practice I can get for MY detector - but they try and push the sale of theirs at the end - I get it.

I think this would be the only way for me to truly learn how to detect and identify.  Are the two detectors at all similar since I would be getting instruction on the minelab?



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well they are both detectors...I doubt that using a 2300 will help you with the GMT...who are they and what do they charge and where do they conduct the lessons? If you would rather not identify that is fine...

I would suggest you plan your trip around one of the Outings that Bill stages...you can get help with your detector and learning to identify common meteorites...even experienced people can occasionally be fooled for a while...

I did that last year while trying to educate some folks. VERY Embarrassing!!! but it was a good lesson in humility for me...

You can practice with that GMT anywhere. Master setting the ground balance and practice detecting for aluminum or sinkers, etc...

What is your usual window for meteorite hunting; when and where and how long?


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