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Don't know a lot about the area you're asking about, but I'm assuming the mine is the big patented claim in the middle of the BLM land.  I try to stay off state trust land and private land.  From Mindat, it looks like it's a hard rock mine, and the ore looks heavy in copper.  Supposed to be silver and gold amongst others.  Kind of by the vulture mine area.  That's a bit far for a day trip for me.

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On 6/17/2016 at 2:01 PM, TJ_Mason said:

Has anyone been out to the Bullard Mine area recently.  Near Wickenburg so I figure Bill has been.

Yep a year ago. It is claimed and the owner is looking to sale. A few offers from Canadian companies but she wants to sell to a U.S. based owner. Prospected for placer around in some washes to the north but no luck....

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On 6/29/2016 at 9:56 PM, Billyazprospector said:

Yep a year ago. It is claimed and the owner is looking to sale. A few offers from Canadian companies but she wants to sell to a U.S. based owner. Prospected for placer around in some washes to the north but no luck....

I think you may have been mislead. Ray Paquette and CANADIAN MINING OF ARIZONA, INC. made those claims back in 2007. They are still active, not for sale, already owned by a Canadian mining company and part of an active mining project that has invested more than $750,000 in development expenses.

Ray is a long time executive in the mining business with ownership or control of several large mines and mining companies around the world. Ray is not a woman and after a quick inquiry does not permit outside exploration of any mining properties. Prohibiting non employees on mining properties is standard procedure due to insurance requirements.

The Bullard Mine property itself is patented private property and covers 670 acres. That area is off limits to all public prospecting.

Keep looking, there are some good open areas in that region but the Bullard mine area is not open to prospecting.



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Best thing I can recommend is get on the AZland.gov website with exact cords, and see if this falls in the yellow BLM land, or if it's in the unshaded private land.  If it's yellow, then comes the search on the BLM site to see if there are claims in the area.  If there is, the Maricopa recorders site will have a map with the claim that was filed.  Maricopa is a bit difficult to search for mining claims.  I don't know if it's covered, but some of the work may be saved by using footprints http://www.arizonaoutback.com/azoroot/shop/search.aspx?sfield=keywords&search=footprints.  Don't know if the area you're looking at is covered by the vulture west pack, but could be close.  That program has a lot of the work already done for you.


Took me 8 months to learn to file a claim.  I learned that its easier to search in Yavapai because they let you search by section, township and range, and Maricopa does not have a way to organize easily.


A couple hundred feet can make a huge difference on these claims and the patented claim in that area is not rectangular. One area I'm looking at has the shafts in an adjacent claim, but the tailings pile in an open area.

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I made you a custom interactive map of the Bullard Mine, Patents, Topo, Claims in the area, Direct Download of the Master Title Plats, Link to the County Recorder, Land Management, Serial Register reports on the mining claims, mine history and more.

Use the "i" tool and click the links in the information return window. Use the navigation tools to zoom out and you will see the Little Giant patents just to the Northeast.

You will find that the Bullard is entirely in Yavapai County. Chris is right Yavapai is a lot easier to get free copies of Mining Claim Location notices and maps. :D

A man by the name of Ally Hing had a few claims in the area years ago. Was that the number you called? As you can see from the current information (updated July, 1 2016) Mr. Hing does not own any current claims in that area. All the claims were located by CANADIAN MINING OF ARIZONA, INC. in 2007.

You can get a lot more information about current claims and land status at Land Matters. It's free and a good place to get an overview before going prospecting.


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