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image.pngimage.pngimage.pngimage.pngSo since my last meteorite expedition, I have since forever been looking down (and up) for potential meteorites. Although highly unlikely in my current location (northern Canada) I stumbled upon a rock that seemed to stick out. I quickly ran for my magnetic and low and behold, highly magnetic. I then ran to the grinder and etched a window to get a better idea. Although it doesn't exactly strike me as a meteorite, I noticed glassy looking features on the inside. Do hematite and magnetite contain glassy chondrule looking things? 



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1 hour ago, Mikestang said:

Not a meteorite, sorry.  Looks to be an iron ore of sorts.

I figured something along those lines. Thanks Mike ?

Im working about 15km from the infamous buzzard coulee meteorite that hit in 08. Might try my luck in october when the crops are pulled down. My boss knows nearly all the farmers in the area so might help in regards to access. Was thinking about rigging up a metal detector sled and pulling it with an atv. If you're interested in joining the hunt, let me know ?

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Hi Munroney,

      To me, it looks like hematite.  I have found a lot of it over the years.  Not good when looking for meteorites, but 

there was a spot in Yavapai County where I used to look for it, because I knew that the hematite from this particular

source, carried gold with it.  A 2 pound coffee can full of the material would on average, pan out 1 to 2 penny-weights

of gold.

 Keep up your search,  Ben  

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