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Try throwin' some more shadow and contrast at it, to darken the pan / pan photo it's in.. That should make it pop better..

Part of the problem is the wood surface the pan is sitting on.. It'll never look correct under the low density washed out pan, since that surface is washed out too.. Crop it tighter to just show enough of the pan for ppl to know it's sitting in a pan.. Then it should be easier to add density and contrast to that part..

The under-the-microscope looks really good.. So try to bring the pan to match that, not the other way around..


PS: Twenty+ years in the biz.. If those were negatives and we could get into a color dark room with a good filter pack and a set of lens filters I could fix it in a jif.. Tryin' to find digital equiv words loses me, lol..

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Had to throw this one in.  Not truly photoshopped, but made to look much bigger than it is.


This may meet some people definition of a picker, others may think its a flake.  However in this pic to the untrained eye, may appear as a nugget.  You can hear it when you drop it on the pan, but you have to be perfectly still and hold your breath to hear it drop.


Its still tiny.  I think everyone here can pick up that this a blow up of a very tiny piece. 


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Pretty funny...if only it were true! :)

That would be a panful.
Tom H.


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