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A few Nuggets over the month

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That's a handsome bunch of nuggets you got there.

Averaging 2+ grams per trip....    :thumbsupanim

Awesome !!


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The MonsterGuppy and I enjoy some friendly competition.  During this same period I managed to snag a greater number of nuggets (50 compared to 45), but Patrick's weigh more (13.5g compared to 9.9g) and contain the largest single one of all (2.4g vs 1.41g).  These are all "open range" nuggets sniffed out from patches found across the hi desert areas of Southern California.  We both use GPZ 7000s as our primary detectors, although I supplement with a GB2 while Patrick's alternate detector is a GPX 5000 with a small coil.  The summer oven temperature setting definitely has been cranked up by Mother Nature so we likely will cut back as weather windows permit and/or switch to higher elevation recovery areas for a while.  If the California Supreme's deliver an opinion that will put us back in the wawa, then of course I'll be in the Downieville area for as much of the rest of the summer as I can.

2016-06-18 11.16.38.jpg

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