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Another Yarnell Fire Tonight

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Wow, there's a bad fire covering Yarnell Mountain and the town of Yarnell too... Can really see a huge area of flames from Wickenburg, and it's spreading toward the east!  Wish I had a better camera! .. Bummer, Unc


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 Tenderfoot Fire.

 Caught wind of that, last night. I think it started a bit south/east ( Mina Rd and hwy89)  of town,,,,,, burned up the radio tower hill( Antelope PEak?) and one structure- 400 acres so far.


 Hope winds keep it away from town.

GIS - wildfire map

Yavapai county radio feeds( fire, police,,,,)


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The fire just exploded and jumped over the hill to the French Creek area and it is huge!   Hard to tell from Wickenburg, but it might be the backside of Rich Hill, over by Juniper Springs! ...  It is grow fast even as I write this! Bummer! , Unc


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  THe Yarnell 19   

hubbub   over investigation( AZ CEntral) 4/3/15

My guess, based on a recent article, is someone flicked a  butt off of Mina Rd, or some other human stupidity or accident.  It burned up  and over ANtelope Pk and continued to NE, above Antelope Creek, all the way to it's headwaters.   It's  kept it's roughly NE (winds are from the SW) track over the hill  into the headwaters of Arrastre Creek.  HOtspots continue to the NE  above Arrastre Crk. and also over on EAst Antelope Pk.

GIS fire map

    Towards hwy 89, it looks like the kept it out of town  in the hills. I hope it didn't nail the watertanks( inside the fire perimeter) shown on the topo NE of YArnell proper. It's "contained" at 10%(uncontained), with hotspots showing well outside the " perimeter" shown on the map.

SAturday's  the  DAily Courier

"Nine Hotshot crews, 22 engines, two attack aircraft, five helicopters and two bulldozers are working the fire.

Wagoner Road remains closed east of Highway 89 and residents in Yarnell east of Highway 89 are still under mandatory evacuation.

Firefighters will continue to improve the existing fire line and evaluate the safest location to confront the fire, according to the update. Increased heat and lower humidity throughout the day will result in increased fire behavior today. Slight afternoon winds are expected out                                                       of the southwest."


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