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I was at the Holbrook meteorite strewn field earlier this week looking for meteorites and found this. Some areas on the outside looked like polished glass. It is very light (5.24 grams) and as you can see from the holes partially hollow on the inside. The side that was touching the ground is very porous like a lava rock. Any ideas? 




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Going strictly by the photos, it appears that you have an "Agate" with red Jasper and green Epidote.  The holes could be from uneven weathering of the different mineral that make up the sample.  Did you find anything else?  Impact material is not very "flashy" or distinct on the surface and easily overlooked.

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Where I found this piece there was really nothing else around. It just caught my attention as a dark stone on the light desert hard-pan. I did find one small Holbrook meteorite several hundred yards away from where I found this piece.

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There are agates in that area and north of the tracks there is a lot of petrified wood.  You may also find some Indian artifacts so keep your eyes open.

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